Track 1

electrical engineering
information technology
computer network science
electric machines and appliances
power system and its automation
high voltage and insulation technology
power electronics and power drives
electrical theory and new technology
electronic technology
microcomputer principle and applications
signal and system
automatic control theory
electric control technology and applications of PLC
power system analysis
electrical systems of power plant
power system automation equipment
high voltage engineering
relay protection
thermal power engineering
converters and inverters
electric drive and its applications
electric vehicle technology
electrical materials and processes
transmission and distribution system and equipment
High Voltage engineering and insulation technology
computational intelligence in electrical engineering
applications of computer and artificial intelligence in power

Track 2

smart grid technology
cloud system
network security and privacy
smart grid transmission and distribution
energy internet
intelligent sensor
advanced sensing measurement technology
power system security control
advanced equipment technology
advanced control method
decision support system technology
energy transfer and interaction technology
architecture and model of smart grid
service quality assurance of smart grid system
demand response and market operation of smart grid
data processing technology inspired by smart grid
interoperability and standards of smart grid
load and energy management of smart grid
networks and communications of smart grid
safety and reliability management of smart grid
strategy, planning, and standards of smart grid
system management and adaptation of smart grid
technology and Equipment of smart grid
test and evaluation technology of smart grid
Track 3

green technology
green economy
green energy
environmental nanotechnology
energy and environment
energy saving and emission reduction
energy conversion
renewable energy systems and resources
power system and energy
wind energy, solar energy, and renewable energy
research on renewable energy and its industrial applications
Reiss and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning

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